Worksite Lunch & Learn!

Are you ready for a spring boost for you and your organization's most important Assets? Give your employees the nutrition insight, tools and education they deserve! Our one hour Nutrition Lunch & Learn workshops can turn into a lifetime of healthy eating! 



We know that daily, you are bombarded with conflicting information about health, food and healthy nutrition. Our job is to help you not just learn the difference between fact and fiction, but to motivate you to incorporate the facts into your daily life through evidence based practice. BCW's Registered and Licensed Dietitians are here to present the most current nutrition and health information to your organization or group. Our RDs will individualize a presentation just for you. Our topics include:

  • Weight Management: What Works and What Doesn't 
  • Fat vs. Calories: What to Count and Why?
  • Understanding & Using the USDA New Food Guide 
  • Understanding Food Labels and Portion Size
  • Making Healthy Meals in Minutes
  • Prepping Healthy Food for Your Work Week
  • Eating out Do's and Don'ts
  • Power Food for Power Meetings
  • And more!

Our Lunch & Learn nutrition workshops are entertaining, interactive, and designed to spark sustainable change for your workforce. We cover topics relevant to your group, office, or medical practice, and include the topics listed as well as others that you can request to fit your organization's specific needs.

BCW is a nonprofit organization and our focus is your bottomline, not ours. Our nutrition worksite Lunch & Learn workshops are funded by Supporters like You! Through your Donation, you'll recieve a superior Lunch & Learn Workshop at your Worksite and at the same time You'll be Supporting our Mission to Engage, Educate, and Empower your Workforce, Our Families, and Our Communities! 

Once you've selected your donation level and we've recieved your information, we will immediately contact you to get a bit of detail about your organization and schedule your Lunch & Learn!

Have us come in and educate your Lunch!

If you would like to recieve more information or would like to suggest someone for us to contact, please email us at raheem [@] or call us at 617-514-0633

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